You know that feeling when you haven’t talked to a certain good friend in a while?

You miss them and think about them constantly and keep meaning to call, but there are a million things going on and then weeks or months go by and you still haven’t reached out?

That’s how I feel about you right now.

It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve written a post that wasn’t an invite to something. And while it’s great to have lots of cool things happening that I want you to know about, the lack of connection has been bugging me.

So, consider this the equivalent of my “I can’t stand not being connected with you for one more day” phone call. The kind of call where we take turns sharing about what’s unfolding in our lives and then, after catching up on the tangible stuff (work, family, what we’re doing for Thanksgiving), we get to the dig-deep stuff – the state of our hearts.

I’ll start.



Business is going well. I’m loving my clients, as always. The latest book club is keeping me busy, and I’m really enjoying diving into the themes of Women Food and God with the group.

I finally joined Instagram! After years of resisting it, I’ve been surprised to discover that it’s way more fun than I thought it would be. (I’m @foodfreedomannette if you want to follow me).

Speaking of social media: I now have two interns! They’re students at the University of Denver and are freakin’ AWESOME.

Hannah has actually been with me for a year now. She’s a bio major, a lover of chocolate, puns, and positivity, and she competes for the USA Mixed Climbing Team!

Then there’s Chris. This guy has heart. He’s into service, dogs, and the arts, and is passionate about creating a better world.

Hannah and Chris are helping me with social media (they were the ones that pushed me to join Insta!) – and I seriously could. not. be. more. grateful. that the universe brought them my way.

Finally: I’m super jazzed about my upcoming Q&A with Dr. Linda Bacon, author of Health at Every Size. It’s on Thursday, Dec 7 at 4:30 PT, and will be an awesome opportunity for attendees to hear Dr. Bacon speak live in an intimate virtual setting. (Click here to RSVP!).


My hubby Zak is doing well. It’s been 3 ½ months since he quit his job to focus on music full-time, and he hasn’t looked back. Turns out making music is way more fun than being a lawyer.

I went to LA in October, to visit my dear friend and fellow coach Rachel Sizemore. We hit the beach (twice!), spent a day at Harry Potter World (a bucket list thing for me), and saw Byron Katie, one of my most impactful spiritual teachers, at a live workshop. It was a blast.

[Side note: Rachel is up to some AMAZING things. If you’re a passionate, committed coach who is ready to do the inner work to stop playing small, definitely check out her upcoming FREE masterclass!].

As far as Thanksgiving plans: we’re driving down to my parents’ house in Colorado Springs, where we’ll spend the day cooking, eating, and entertaining my sister’s three kids. I’m looking forward to it.

The state of my heart

On to the dig-deep stuff.

My heart has been exquisitely tender lately.

It feels like a layer of skin is being peeled off, revealing fresh, raw skin underneath. I’ve ping-ponged back and forth between resisting the discomfort and surrendering to it, ultimately knowing that the latter is my only real option.

I’ve experienced something similar before – several times, in fact. It seems to coincide with times when the universe is inviting me into yet another level of self-awareness. It’s like God is sitting me down in front a mirror that reflects my beliefs, pointing to a section that is murky and dark, and gently but firmly saying, “Honey, it’s time to look at this now.”

In other words: I’m continuing to heal, just like you are. It’s not always easy, nor am I always open-minded about it. As much as I teach and try to live this stuff, I still find myself tempted to shut it all down at times.

But then I remember, again: I’m here to wake up, not to stay asleep. I take some deep breaths. I feel my feet on the ground. I come back to the present moment. And the journey continues.

So: that’s my update. It feels good to share it with you.

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