What is healthy eating wasn’t about self-improvement, but self-acceptance?

Imagine if you made it your goal to live a more honest, joyful and wholehearted life…

Instead of dropping 10 lbs.

Or if you took all of that time and mental energy you waste obsessing over food…

And put it into developing deeper, more satisfying relationships with friends and family.

Maybe if you learned to love yourself for who you are and your body for what it is…

You wouldn’t need to fix that disagreement with your mom or prove wrong that crappy performance review with another juice cleanse.

Because here’s the thing: You already know everything you need to about basic nutrition. Paleo, low fat, point systems, doctors, food journals, diets and detoxes—you’ve been there, done that. (And no, you don’t need to just “try harder.”)

Your energy is finite. And when you dedicate too much to food, you don’t have anything left for the people, experiences and moments that matter most in life.

Even if you’ve been trying to quit your food obsession for years and nothing has worked (that’s not your fault, by the way)…change IS possible.

You don’t need to be fixed. You just need a new approach to healthy eating that nourishes you instead of deprives you.

Once you surrender control and give up your food rules:
  • You stop relying on food to relieve your stress and numb your feelings
  • You gravitate naturally toward healthy choices that nourish your body
  • You can take or leave the fries without doing any food math in your head
  • You eat what your body wants without worrying about “working it off” later
  • You love your body for what it is, not what it could be
  • You make eye contact with the cheese plate at the party and still enjoy yourself
  • Food tastes better because you’re slowing down to savor it
  • And you free up your energy for family, hanky panky, hobbies or career

A sense of peace has come over me as a result of working with Annette. I’ve found her to be insightful, easy to talk with, and non-judgmental. She has helped me to feel calmer, to let go of my need for control, to reconnect with a happier and more authentic version of myself, and to remember that I am worthy, exactly as I am. I like the Happy/Authentic Beth that I’ve uncovered; she has more grace to give.”

Beth Hamstra Littleton, CO

If you’re ready for a slice of that, here’s how we can work together:

Feed Your Whole Self (1:1 VIP Coaching)

8 weeks of personalized, judgment-free 1:1 coaching to help you end emotional eating and nourish a healthy relationship with food. Learn how to relax around food and let go of your need for control, reconnect with your body and the woman you want to be, and adopt a mindful approach to healthy eating that’s actually sustainable.

It’s not just about feeling satisfied after you eat what’s on your plate. It’s about feeling fulfilled with the way you’re living your life.

Learn more…

Make Peace With Food (Group Coaching)

Stop fighting food and start living life. In this intimate online group coaching program, you’ll learn psychological and spiritual concepts that replace shame with compassion, deprivation with satisfaction, and willpower with awareness. Within a loving and supportive circle of women, discover how you can eat with ease and still find a healthy balance.

There is a way to eat healthy consistently without obsessing about it. This is your chance to feel calm, confident and courageous in your body with more flow and less force.

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